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Autumn leaves…

Autumn leaves...


There’s a new Baroque in town…

There's a new Baroque in town...

Just cavalli
$675 – flannelsfashion.com

ASOS shoes
$57 – asos.com

Marc jacob
$1,015 – monnierfreres.co.uk

Month of metal…

Month of metal...

Diane von furstenberg
$690 – harveynichols.com

Free people

John lewi
$160 – johnlewis.com

Cross earrings

Rare London wing ring
$9.74 – rarelondon.com

Gold jewelry

Kate spade

Stila makeup

Hoolala Whimsical Pin Badge
$4.06 – hannahzakari.co.uk

Sparkle and fade…

Sparkle and fade...

Flat shoes


Black glove
$120 – black.co.uk

5 simple rules…

5 simple rules...

Desert storm..

Desert storm..

River Island cross shirt
$24 – riverisland.com

Military jacket

Acne skinny leather pants
$1,625 – brownsfashion.com

Chanel leather bag
$3,020 – farfetch.com

Bordeaux Bar Cart


People are fragile things
you should know by now
be careful what you put them through
people are fragile things
you should know by now
you’ll speak when you’re spoken to.

Song of the day. See above. Links in perfectly with my blogging topic of said day. Don’t you just love a good ol’ cryptic message.

Focusing on the frivolous side of things…throughout my many Google searches with the title ‘free photo editing’ the best I have found out there is Picnik . Out of the rest this is definitely the best. You can do almost anything your imagination can produce on this site. I love it. Particularly because I am a picture editing junkie. I take a picture and ‘cross processing’ immediately pops into my head. A picture where I look ever so sligtly squiffy can be turned into an arty shot with the application of ‘Holga-ish’. Also with only a beginners knowledge of photography previously, the editing effects on this site made me develop a keen interest in photo developing proccesses, thanks Picnik!

So imagine my dismay when I found it was closing down. In April to be precise. Boohoo. The only thing that is redeeming this terrible news is the fact that now all premium features are free. Yay. I’ve been taking full adavntage of the textures and the collage features so far. Brilliant.

Yes i’ve got my eyes closed and it’s in my bathroom but it’s cross-processed!

So give Picnik a try it’s free till April after all. I’ve introduced a couple of friends to it and they swear by it too! Another brilliant editing tool is Pixlr o-matic. Easy to use and really good effects particularly on the blue section of the wheel. Try it out and you will see what I mean…

Photo editing, what did we do before it!