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Autumn leaves…

Autumn leaves...


There’s a new Baroque in town…

There's a new Baroque in town...

Just cavalli
$675 –

ASOS shoes
$57 –

Marc jacob
$1,015 –

Month of metal…

Month of metal...

Diane von furstenberg
$690 –

Free people

John lewi
$160 –

Cross earrings

Rare London wing ring
$9.74 –

Gold jewelry

Kate spade

Stila makeup

Hoolala Whimsical Pin Badge
$4.06 –

Sparkle and fade…

Sparkle and fade...

Flat shoes


Black glove
$120 –

5 simple rules…

5 simple rules...

Desert storm..

Desert storm..

River Island cross shirt
$24 –

Military jacket

Acne skinny leather pants
$1,625 –

Chanel leather bag
$3,020 –

Bordeaux Bar Cart

My week in pictures…

This has been a week of major work, major reading, major organisation and minor alcomohol.

This week i’ve been procastinating, a lot. I’ve increased my hours at work, but seem to be doing a lot more ‘home stuff’. How is this possible? In accordance with my procastination, I treated myself to Elle. I do this every now and again with Vogue as well. I can’t justify buying them every month so tend to only do so if I like the cover star. Enter Alexa Chung gracing January Elle. I’m so team Alexa it’s untrue. Does she need a team? Is that only in the case of Jen An? Hmmm. The fact it came with  a free Soap & Glory mascara made me want it even more. I LOVE S&G. Capital love and everything. I think i’ve tried everything they make, it’s that good.

This week I also found the time in my hectic schedule (sarcasm) to enter the Company Casting Call competition. Vote for me here kind readers. I love company (buy it every month) so was ectatic when they opened it again. Missed the boat last year. FAIL. I bought a new dress too, Primark special. Got to love a shop so cheap you can pick upa pair of decent heels for a tenner.

I also decided to clear out my closet. It began with a major refresh of my so called life. A.K.A I finally did the christian thing and gave my god awful cast-offs to my local charadee shop. Hopefully someone will breath new life into them! No shoe’s though, I can never seem to part with a pair, however ugly/un-worn/broken they are. They are my children I love them all equally no matter what. I probably need councilling.

Many boxes later I could finally see the floor…underneath all the boxes which are now taking up more floor space. Damn.

I also decided to be kerazzy and turn my (broken) wardrobe on it’s side to use as a massive dressing table. Snazzy! Found a space for all the boxes too. Double organisational whammy!

Interesting things i’ve found interesting this week….

I’m buying these from H&M. This jacket looks so much better in real life. i.e amazing! It’s RRP £29.99. Bargainous (yes thats a made up word). I get a cheeky 25% discount and free online delivery, so hello jacket. Welcome to my wardrobe. The dress is £19.99 and so pretty. Thought I could wear them both on a gig/night-out i’ve got coming up with my black chunky heel boots and opaques.

Dress: £19.99 H&M

Jacket: £29.99 H&M

I started using face primer this week. It’s a must have in my opinion. I got mine from 17 at Boots. I literally haven’t felt more confident in such a long time. My make-up stays put all day, even during an 8 hour shift at work. All for the bargain price of £4.99.

Oh…and the minimal alcomahol. Of course.